My Aging Test

A website that provides information on aging and longevity research. The reversal of epigenetic aging clocks promises to lower the risk of multiple chronic diseases and preserve the immune system.

MyAgingTests.comis a community branch of the Clock Foundation. This non-profit, which is longevity-oriented, is based in Los Angeles.

The Epigenetic Clock Development Foundation (“Clock Foundation”), a UCLA spin-out, is working to speed up the availability of treatments that extend life expectancy and health. Our focus is on adaptive clinical trials and epigenetic aging clocks. We will develop and identify key enabling technologies, identify promising teams, and make them available for our partners including researchers, physicians/clinics and drug development companies.

The epigenetic aging clocks , which are strong indicators for biological age, can be reversed to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases and preserve the immune system. Preclinical and human studies have shown that epigenetic clocks can be used as a surrogate endpoint in anti-aging clinical trials.

Our goal is to lower the cost of epigenetic testing and to perform mechanistic studies. We also aim to develop more powerful biomarkers to predict healthspan and longevity (including a fast, safe, and effective testing regimen for humans, model organisms and companion animals). We will test and analyze several biomarkers that indicate aging, including markers of immunosenescence and epigenetic aging clocks. The work will lead to the qualification of several biomarkers for aging as surrogate trial ends.

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