Chinese Scientist He Jiankui is Back and Set Up a Laboratory in Beijing Daxing

Less than a year after he rocked the scientific world with his claim to have gene-edited twin babies, scientist He Jiankui is back. This time, he has set up a laboratory in Beijing Daxing district. Despite calls for a moratorium on gene editing following his previous announcement, it seems that Jiankui has not been deterred from continuing his research. In an interview with Chinese media outlet Xinhua, Jiankui said that he plans to use CRISPR-Cas9 technology to “eliminate genetic diseases in newborns.” While many are appalled by Jiankui’s actions, it is important to note that his research does have some potential benefits. However, until more is known about the safety and efficacy of gene editing, it is best to proceed with caution. Stay tuned for future developments!

He Jiankui

At the end of 2019, He Jiankui was sentenced to 3 years in prison for the “gene editing” case. He was released from prison in the first half of this year.

Regarding his new news, He Jiankui also further updated the news: Attending the conference on rare diseases…

According to his personal statement, he will be engaged in scientific research on gene therapy for rare genetic diseases in this new laboratory located in Daxing, Beijing.

Signs point to an impending arrival of a point where aging can be stopped.

In recent years, the research on covid, mRNA technology has gradually matured, and molecular biology and information biology have entered a rapid development. but–
Entering 2022, there seems to be a fog of silence in the longevity medicine community. Many big names have entered a state of contemplation.
If you know the theory of the singularity, you know that on the eve of the singularity, the lotus leaves in the pond seem to be scattered, but exponential growth will make them cover the entire pond overnight.
The singularity of immortality is that life is extended faster than time itself. That moment each year when medical biology can extend life expectancy by more than a year is the singularity of immortality. This is probably in theory that we can extend our lifespan indefinitely.
Many people will ask, is there an end to this?
Human lifespan is determined by genes, and there are infinite possibilities based on cracking. A full brain can increase brain capacity and become a big head man. The head is so large that it can edit genes to delete redundant memories.
We gradually changed from the treatment of body organs to temporarily prolong lifespan, to changing genes to permanently prolong lifespan, and then changing genes to make them have the function of automatic rejuvenation.
It’s just that these may not be available to ordinary people.
Therefore, longevity medicine will gradually be filled with fog, and big coffees will slowly enter into contemplation.