The four steps to never-aging longevity

Step 1: Change your diet and lifestyle. Stop hurting yourself.

We don’t have any way to stay alive for a long time now. Science has many directions, but no one knows which is right. We can only slow down aging through calorie restriction – that’s not very effective and it only helps by 10 years or 8 years. So eat healthy food, exercise and reduce the chance of diseases occurring. That will help reduce death from old age and other accidents, until science comes up with a way to make us live longer.

Second step: Make a lot of money or be in politics, or do biology/medical studies.

We can see that in the future, anti-aging treatments will be expensive. It costs a lot to live forever and we don’t know how much it will cost for this treatment. But you can also take another road. Invest in research on medicine and biology or study immortality techniques yourself.

Third step: Supporting medical and biological research

As time goes on, our health is more and more based on the medical field being able to heal and fix aging. So when we want to live a longer, healthier life, we need to support research for treatments for aging causes. We also need to educate the public so that they understand basic longevity science and get funding for it – this way it can be developed fully into clinical applications which can then be provided – all of this should happen as quickly as possible because the clock is ticking down. It’s better than doing nothing at all in order to live longer than our ancestors did.

Fourth step: Enjoy life and be patient.
Patience with the pain of old age, Use a strong will to extend life until a miracle happens to you.

Biomedical research is like being pregnant. For example, if you want to be a father, you can have sex with many women but no matter how much effort you put into it, as long as they give birth to your baby they need at least 10 months. There is a very high probability that during your lifetime medical science and biotechnology won’t be able to prolong your life anymore. It’s up to me whether I will live or die. With hard work, I’ll enjoy life when I’m old. When you’re old, life is painful and boring so keep the desire for survival strong even if you’re crippled or sick because maybe someday medical science will extend your life by 10 years, after 10 years, it will extend your life 20 yeas again. And agan…then you will become younger and healthy.